Thursday, May 27, 2010

Anclote Eagles Lure Birders from Around U.S.

A pair of bald eagles that has made its winter home just outside Anclote River Park in Holiday has drawn the attention of birders from around the world. Because the nest is so clearly visible from the road, the word has spread and birding enthusiasts have followed the progress of the pair and their baby chicks. The eagles have flown back to their summer home but return each year to nest and raise their young. Local photographer Andrea Pico Estrada spent the past few months documenting the eagles and created two beautiful You Tube slideshows of images. Click on the links below to observe the eagles and their young. Anclote Eagles on You Tube, January 2010
Anclote Eagles on You Tube Part 2, May 2010 Click here to learn more about Anclote River Park and nearby Anclote Gulf Park, Key Vista Park and Eagle Point Park.
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